Growing up in the 70’s, a time when cultured yoghurt sat fermenteing on the counter and germinated beans seemed to sprout from every pot in our kitchen, I longed for sugary cereals, soda pop and sherbet straws.  My mother refused to give in to my pleas for fear of my teeth rotting.  One time, my brother and I combined our weekly allowances to buy ketchup after mother’s attempt at making a version that turned sour.  No sugar, no doubt.  And so obviously, as a young adult, I rebelled against “natural” foods that tasted of compost and scoffed at the generic image of a hairy sandal-wearing yodeler on top of Granola Mountain.  I have since been humbled.

“EAT THE GREEN DRAGON! Alexander roared.  I hesitated, it smelt a bit too….GREEN.  The glass was filled with goop from a murky, fibrous swamp in which no decent alligator would roam.  I had spent the previous year on the sofa semi comatose with incredible pain and fatigue and nothing but a ever increasing prescription of meds and a bucket of Ice cream that offered some relief.  I was burning.  I felt electrocuted.  My joints felt crystallised.  Daylight was too bright.  My ears rang out “EAT THE GREEN DRAGON!’.

I tried a slurp, but I could not swallow. I used a spoon.  Blend it, liquidate it — what the heck is it? Spinach, kale, mango, dates. Wheatgrass, Spirulina, mint and fresh herbs.  I drank 1/2 cup per day for the following few months and now I drink 3 glasses per week.  Interestingly, over time, blood tests showed that the anti-double stranded DNA antibodies leveled out as did my red blood cell count.  Although I cannot declare this green recipe as a universal cure for autoimmune diseases, I am sure that this has helped me in my recovery.  Regardless, it is one of a few lifestyle disciplines I have chosen to incorporate into my routine and admittedly, I rely on Alexander to make it.  Some days it is still hard to manage a full glass but most days I look forward to it.  Now I can honestly declare that I “EAT THE GREEN DRAGON!”

Thank you for reading,  FreeMeFibro

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