I have volunteered as a case study for the local College of Naturopathic Medicine’s student group.   The course practitioner had an open class consultation with me about my history  (Scarlett fever led to fibro, CFS, ME, Lupus).  I explained the difficulty in preparing meals on a daily basis- energy is difficult to conjour up to cook, my arms and wrists get tired chopping, pans can be too heavy, some recipes take too long to prepare, and of course there is shopping component!  I will suffer from flares following a cooking session.  Some days I go without 3 meals as I am too exhausted to eat.

Despite all of this, my diet is fairly healthy; I eat vegetables, brown rice, beans etc.  I freeze extra portions for mega flare up days. I avoid heavy carbs and gluten throughout the week.  I admitted my guilty pleasure was a Snickers bar (double of course) in the late afternoon (can you hear the gasps?).

Their suggestions were for me to: Eat more protein and fats with every meal, have recommended some supplements and of course, no Snickers bars –how coconut yoghurt replaces Snickers snacks I’ll never know.  To my shopping list I have added:

  • Supplements (Check out ProHealth’s site)
    NT Factor
    Fish Oil
    Protein Power (Sun Warrior)

And so now, as I sit here nested in my silks and soft blankets surrounded by aromotheraphy oils, healthy living suggestions and bottles of meds and vitamins, I tire.  How much longer is this going to last?

To Heck With It-Eat A Snickers!

Thank you for reading,  FreeMeFibro

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