My nutritionist outed me – in front of the entire class.  A most embarrassing secret that I hadn’t perceived as a real health issue – you know, one of these happenings that you think will just go away or fix itself.  “You have a white coating on the back of your tongue.  This could be bacterial or fungal…” 

I immediately hit Dr. Google when I got home.  Shielding my research from my housemates, I perused the ‘white tongue’ image catalogue displaying varying states of viral ridden tongues.  A chore for only the most hardened of stomachs!

I heard Ma’s voice resound in my head “GARGLE with warm salt water”.  Ma would always insist that we do this when we had sore throats – such a distasteful tasks but a sworn home remedy.  Of course, advice I ignored in my adult years yet now I have found myself resorting back to this natural anti-bacterial remedy.

I now:

  • GARGLE with warm salt water every 2 days or so.
  • RINSE my mouth out after I floss (about 1/week.  I’m not the most diligent flosser)
  • SOAK my toothbrush attachment in the remaining unused salt water
  • BATH in epsom salts and throw in crystals in hope of mystic fortune

It was only 1 month ago that I established this routine and I no longer have an unnatural fuzzy fungal tongue, my throat glands have not been inflamed nor have I had to endure mysterious sore throats associated with my condition.

So when in doubt, rinse with salt then spit it out!

Thank you for reading. ∼  Free Me Fibro

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