Raw foods, super foods, cold pressed fruit, home made soup.
Tumeric and ginger stem, both in fashion and demand.
Carrot root, celery root,  Don’t blend that,  it’s my boot!

Whole grains, quinoa grains, brown grains, no brains.
Broad Beans, Lima Beans, black beans, green beans.
Bean sprouts, alphala sprouts, what’s that smell?  Ma’s Saur Kraut!

Almond milk, fermented soya, coconut in all its glory.
Tofu, tempeh, protein powder, no whey.
Rye bread, manuka honey.  Gee Whiz, how much money?

All packed away – forgot the yarrow
To hell with it—-
I’ll cook Tomorrow!

Thank you for reading,  FreeMeFibro

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